SystemDomain has enhanced its product portfolio in Cyber Security and Risk Management by partnering with PC Matic.

Understanding and evaluating risk means smarter decision-making in business. Once one have perspective on the risks one can modify your security program and make smart investment in the technology.”

— Shubhi Garg, President

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, November 27, 2017 / — SystemDomain, Inc, a leading global information technology and consulting services company, today announced that it has signed a strategic partnership with PC Matic Pro to offer state-of-art solutions to its clients to prevent cyber attacks by offering the industry’s leading endpoint security based on a globally automated whitelist.

SystemDomain now offers its customers the complete solutions to make enterprise more secure and protect business-critical data and applications by providing the industry leading solution to protect against advanced persistent threats, zero-day attacks, ransomware, and polymorphic viruses,” said Shubhi Garg, Managing Partner, SystemDomain, Inc., “This will enhance SystemDomain’s product portfolio in Cyber Security business unit”.

Hope Gauthier, Channel Sales Manager, PC Matic Pro said, “PC Matic Pro will leverage SystemDomain’s client portfolio and leading IT professional services capability in Cyber Security and Risk Management to implement and integrate its portfolio of cloud based products across various industry segments”, “This partnership will open new marketing channels and help to increase the market share.”

SystemDomain had been ranked as

• Top 20 Most promising Cyber Security Solution Provider 2017′ by “Silicon India”

•’s (now OMNIKAL) OMNI500 Top Businesses for 2017.

• Nominated as the fastest growing Cyber Security Firm: By Cyber Security Excellence Awards.


SystemDomain is an IT Consulting firm based in IL with focus in Cyber Security & Risk Management, Digital, Cloud, Data Analytics and Professional Services (such as Enterprise Architecture, Database, Network Management, ERP, CRM, Cloud and Digital Transformation). SystemDomain strives to connect with their customers, clients, and partners with an unbeatable portfolio of solutions to leverage critical trends such as big data & analytics, social business and security. SDI has offshore software development and support centers for clients who are interested in cost-effective services. World’s leading software companies had signed partnership with SystemDomain to integrate and implement their solutions across various industries by leveraging the SystemDomain’s highly skilled professionals.

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About PC Matic Pro

PC Matic Pro provides superior endpoint protection by leveraging their globally automated whitelist. Using a default-deny approach, the whitelist provides protection against ransomware, advanced persistent threats, zero-day attacks, and polymorphic viruses. PC Matic Pro Endpoint Suite is a comprehensive IT platform that effectively secures business users and data while making systems more productive and reliable with scheduled maintenance including patch management and robust performance tools. PC Matic Pro offers the Industry’s only 3-Factor Authentication to prevent unauthorized access to web properties and networks. This tool will put a stop to fraud and risks of infrastructure breaches, giving you the ability to lock down the attacker’s device until the user is verified.

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