Lenovo’s Miix 630 looks a lot like Microsoft’s Surface Pro, a Windows tablet with a detachable keyboard, but there’s a key difference. Announced Monday night at CES, the Miix 630 joins a small, but growing cadre of systems that run on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 Mobile PC platform.

Putting this high-end smartphone chip into a Windows PC brings the promise of slimmer, lighter systems that run for many hours longer than a similar system would if based on an Intel or AMD CPU. The tradeoff is performance: Qualcomm has acknowledged that its laptops probably won’t be as fast as AMD- or Intel-based counterparts.

The Lenovo Miix 630 looks like any other 2-in-1 Surface clone. In our brief time with the Miix 630, it felt slender and light, with very few ports in its slender chassis. The keyboard attaches along one edge of the tablet using pogo pins. An attached, hinged flap acts as a kickstand and can assume a wide range of angles. 


The Lenovo Miix 630’s kickstand is integrated into the keyboard flap. 

The company’s betting some people will care more about the convenience of longer battery life than the performance hit. We’ll examine that tradeoff for ourselves if we get a chance to test it. Meanwhile, here are more details about the Miix 630. 

Lenovo Miix 630 price, features and specs

Price: The Miix 630 has a starting price of $800. Lenovo had no details on pricing for higher-end SKUs. 

CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

RAM: 4GB or 8GB

Storage: 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB

Graphics: Qualcomm Adreno 540 (integrated)

Display: 12.3-inch WUXGA+ (1920×1280) with Corning Glass 

Ports: One USB-C (generation not specified), one SD card slot, one nano SIM slot

Pen: Included, with 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity (a bit primitive) and a handy storage loop on the right side of the keyboard

Cameras: 5MP front, 13MP rear

Battery life: Up to 20 hours on a 48Wh battery


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