After a few years in the denim business, brothers Akshat and Aditya Chaudhary decided it was time to take their passion and commitment for sustainability to the next level. Aizome, said to be Asia’s first fairtrade denim brand, is the manifestation of their philosophy and will be launched online next month.

Roots in Japan

The name Aizome finds its roots in Japanese culture and literally translates to indigo (ai) dye (zome), also referring to a local tradition that dates back to the ninth century. Taking inspiration from the country known for weaving technique and finesse into its textiles, the Chaudhary brothers reveal that they too will infuse their denim collections with cutting-edge technology. The Surat-based brand is also looking to draw inspiration from Japan’s graphics culture in its aesthetic.

While other labels have staked their claim to both the Fairtrade and sustainability tags, Aizome sets itself apart by employing clean chemistry, ozone and laser technology (reduced water treatment) in the fabric-making process. So while it takes 50 to 60 litres of water to craft a single pair of jeans, Aizome’s process has brought the number down to a mere five to 10.

Anti-fashion code

It also uses 100% Fairtrade organic cotton. Grown the conventional way, is a chemical-heavy process and a known pollutant of soil and water. Organic cotton, on the other hand, is a lot kinder to the planet, improves farmer livelihoods, and is gentler on the wearer’s skin. Mass production and fast fashion are not mantras that drive Aizome, says Akshat. Their online store, to be launched next week will showcase basic designs and classic cuts. Aizome is “anti-fashion”, he observes, as it encourages buyers to invest in a pair of jeans that can be worn for a really long time, impervious to the changes of fashion seasons.

Slim fits, high-rise and skinny jeans will be a part of Aizome’s shopping experience. And while the brand is going to focus largely on jeans, other denim creations, including T-shirts and jackets, will join the virtual racks. The denims will be priced at ₹5,000 and above. Available on

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