Members of the country’s biggest transport union have stopped short of becoming fully affiliated with Labour, instead opting to “align” with the party.

RMT today agreed to remain unaffiliated but encouraged its 80,000-plus members to “be active” in the party.

The union’s branches and regional councils will use their political funds to back Labour at elections as long as the party “continues to support key RMT policies on transport and trade union rights”.

RMT will now consider what other steps it can take to “support, defend, and develop the socialist advances that have been made within the Labour Party”.

General secretary Mick Cash said: “Our consultation has shown that the views of our branches and regions are finely balanced and the SGM has decided that whilst we do not support affiliation at this current time there is the potential for the union to affiliate to the Labour Party at a future date if there is clearer support for this.

“Many of our members have also reacted angrily to constant attempts by a hard core of Labour MPs to undermine Jeremy Corbyn and the radical progressive changes he has made to Labour.”

He added there was “a clear desire” among members to support leader Jeremy Corbyn and Labour’s left, saying this was “why we are now putting in place other concrete steps to throw the weight of the RMT behind supporting the socialist advances that have been made”.

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