The Federation of Unions of SA (Fedusa) and the Motor Transport Workers’ Union (MTWU) will meet employers in the cash-in-transit sector on Wednesday to discuss a spate of violent heists.

“The parties will meet in order to try to forge strategies for neutralising cash-in-transit heists that have been increasing with terrifying intensity and regularity across SA in recent weeks‚ resulting in loss of lives and serious injuries to security officers and members of the public‚” Fedusa said.

“The unions will also want to see the design of current cash trucks upgraded to impregnable military body metal that incorporates internal vaults or safes of similar strength in order to withstand heavy weaponry fire and bombs.”

Unions have threatened to strike on June 11 in order to push for improved working conditions.

Fedusa said the issue would also be raised at Wednesday’s meeting.

“Cash-in-transit crews currently work long hours without adequate rest, doing psychologically stressful and dangerous work, and labour will want to see hours of work adjusted to be in line with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act‚ with a minimum of four well-trained and armed personnel per vehicle‚” the federation said.

“Cash-in-transit heists are highly violent and dangerous experiences that leave the survivors of these attacks traumatised and at times in need of professional psychological counselling.

“Fedusa and the MTWU expect employers to provide professional counselling services and sick leave for the victims of heists‚ as well as their families, who may suffer from secondary trauma.

“This is a fundamental human right‚ and should not be up for debate.”

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