QIC Group teaches staff how to stay fit

 12 Jun 2018 – 9:32

The staff of QIC Group during the global wellness programme.

DOHA: In celebration of Global Wellness Day, QIC Group, the leading insurance group in the MENA region, hosted a global wellness programme for its employees.

The programme comprised a short presentation on wellness, which provoked thought amongst the attendees about the various wellness practices.

The initiatives discussed during the workshop addressed the various elements of wellness which cater to the needs of today’s generation.  Most people think only about a few aspects that come under the banner of wellness such as diet and fitness but the scope of wellness is far wider.  

To feel really well, people need to understand how certain changes in their daily lives can affect them and their wellness.  This would encourage them to make conscious efforts to manage their day to day lives in a better manner.

Speaking about this activity, Ali Al Fadala (above), Senior Deputy Group President & CEO of QIC Group, stated, “As a leading insurance Group in the MENA region, we consider this initiative as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

“We want to encourage our staff towards healthy living by integrating health and wellness initiatives through similar workshops.  We also believe that workplace wellness programmes can play a pivotal role in increasing their efficiency.”


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