Football and investing are interchangeable

Like the best football teams and managers, we exchange and debate ideas in a collaborative environment. This enriches our teams’ investment processes and ensures our best insights are applied to portfolios – all in the service of clients.

Likewise, great football teams work together to deliver consistent performances, all in service of supporters (is that the sound of disgruntled fans spitting coffee over their computer screens?).

Just like football managers, portfolio managers must be consistent from the first to the 90th minute – and not, it should be added, in the way Theo Walcott talks about it: “I’ve been consistent in patches this season,” he once uttered.  

Football managers try and surround themselves with the best support, from coaches to trainers, just as portfolio managers must create winning teams of analysts, researchers and assistants.

So, does World Cup glory beckon for England? Who knows, because there’s one thing we haven’t mentioned – chance and luck. It’s our job to ensure that this is the one area where portfolio management does not correlate with football.

I’ll end with a prediction for England: (in)glorious failure, a red-faced ‘there are no easy international games’-type interview, and some (sweet) FA chuntering about a root and branch review and a winter break.  

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