A new Xiaomi phone known simply as ‘Pocophone’ with the model number M1805E10A has now appeared at both the US FCC and Taiwan’s NCC, suggesting a launch might be imminent.

Traditionally Xiaomi phones fall into two camps: its flagship Mi line, or its budget Redmi line. The Pocophone is neither Mi nor Redmi, and the fact it might have 6GB of RAM and 64GB/128GB of storage points neither one way nor the other given that these specs are seen in both budget- and flagship Xiaomi phones.

Some spectators suggest, however, that the 256QAM LTE chip might point to it using the same Snapdragon 845 chip as the top-end Mi8. Is it possible that Xiaomi is about to announce a new concept design that disrupts the market in the same way as did the original Mi Mix?

From the documents available on each of these sites we know there is going to be a dual-camera at the rear, and that the Pocophone will have a 76mmx151mm body.

We also know that the Pocophone measures 163mm on the diagonal, so assuming an 18:9 display we could see anything up to a 6.4in screen – it really depends on how slim are the bezels. 

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