Today I will review and compare another option for affordable logo design called Hatchwise vs 99designs. Is it a viable 99designs alternative? Continue to read my findings and conclusion.

Recently, I personally used 99designs to create the logo for this website. I was really pleased with the process, how easy it was, and the many great logo ideas – I got 100+ logo designs for only $299! Read about my experience using the crowdsource site 99 designs.

Here I compare Hatchwise vs 99designs on criteria of pricing, packages, number of logo design submissions, quality of designs, money back guarantee and customer reviews.

Pricing Comparison  

Hatchwise advertises that they are cheaper than 99designs. Let’s review the details and compare prices for these two logo sites to discover the truth.  

compare hatchwise to 99designs logo packages


The screenshot below shows Hatchwise’s four (4) pricing levels offered which start at $89. Certainly, they are targeting the lower priced market in logo design. However, these prices are for fewer services.   The cheapest program for those on a shoestring budget only is for thirty (30) designs.


logo pricing packages hatchwise

Number of Logo Design Submissions

Compare that to the 99designs pricing package Bronze. While officially 30 designs are the approximate number of concepts 99designs promises, when I purchased this package I received over 100+ logo submissions. Comparing the per logo idea price, dividing the total package by the number of design ideas, you pay the same approximately $3.00 per logo design submission.

So while you are promised a certain number of designs at 99logos, my experience and that of many others is that due to a large number of talented designers (hundreds of thousands) competing for the design contest award you will actually get many more design concepts.

review of 99designs vs hatchwise


Quality of Logo Designs

Here is where Hatchwise really fails. See the screenshot below of the low-quality logo designs from their portfolio gallery. The logos were so boring I almost fell asleep while reviewing these designs – so tired and expected. In many ways, they were only marginally better than the type of logos that comes out free logo generators.

Compare them to the top quality from 99designs below and you will see why I, and thousands of other entrepreneurs, choose to get logos made by crowdsourcing at 99designs.

Examples of Logos Designs from Hatchwise

samples of logos from hatchwise for quality comparison


Examples of Logo Designs from 99Designs


99designs logo examples



Money Back Guarantees Compared  

Both sites offer guarantees – but they are not the same.

Hatchwise offers what they call the simple money back guarantee. If you do not get the number of designs that your package promises you can get a full refund within 14 days. However, this means that they only guarantee you will get a certain number of logo designs – not that you will like them. This does not help me to feel comfortable taking a chance.

Also, there are multiple exceptions to the Hatchwise guarantee such as 48-hour rush projects and that it’s not eligible for contests where winter has been awarded.

Compare that to the 99designs money back guarantee – A design you’ll love, guaranteed.

This generous 100% money back guarantee from 99 designs is valid up to 60 days after your contest launches.  Also, 99designs offers personal assistance with modifying your logo brief if you are not receiving either the quantity or type of logo ideas that you desire. I judge the value of the company based on their guarantee because this shows me how much confidence they have in their service promise.


Customer Reviews

I researched many customer review sites to get you objective views on this company’s services. Based on the ones I read most of them preferred 99designs. Often mentioned were the professional quality of logo designs received at 99logos coupled with their solid reputation and the wide variety of different types of designs.

From modern logos to vintage branding the thousands of 99 logo designers can give your company just the look you envision.

You can read my review of 99designs and also stories from their customers.

If you want to explore other logo design alternatives check out my big list of 56+ of 99designs competitors 


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