Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS) has become increasingly popular these days. Whether you are trying to create a successful business or you want to extend your online services, VPS can be of great help.

Whereas a faulty server may sabotage your business oriented website, a prominent one can let you reap huge rewards. All-in-all, a VPS hosting can be extremely beneficial for you. The points mentioned below explain how beneficial can be a VPS hosting for you;

Cost saving deal

One of the most important characteristics that a VPS holds is multi-tenancy. It signifies that the real machine is run by only one software design. However, the entire segment of virtual servers is being connected to the one big server.

This way of implementing a hosting solution reduces huge cost because of the less utilization of the hardware. Therefore, saves your overall capital. Unlike the cost you would spend on a dedicated hosting, it serves you the same purpose at a huge cost reduction.

Better performance

The load time plays a prominent role for a website or a web-based application. Statistics have indicated that most of the users leave a website that fails to open within the time period of 3 to 4 seconds. Therefore, load time is extremely significant for that matter.

You can consider Hostinger VPS hosting if you truly want to experience the performance boost. This type of hosting can deliver better performance to your website as compared shared hosting. Whereas a shared hosting has a limited number of resources, the VPS one is more customizable.    

Reliable customer service

This crucial aspect leads to the advantageous customer service. When you opt for a VPS hosting plan, it comes with a helping customer support. If you come forth with any query regarding your VPS plan, this support system is always there for an extended hand.

Generally, these services are quick to respond. More often than not, they comply with your query through a chat conversation. Whether it is about the server configuration or you want to add more resources to your existing plan, the customer support is always there to help you. 


Security is the major aspect that one considers before registering for any web-based service. It is a chief concern among the users, those who run resource-consuming websites. Mostly, a VPS hosting has a high-grade security as compared to its shared hosting counterpart.

VPS is no less than an isolated container that provides complete protection to your resources from the outside malicious breaching. The best part is, your hosting provider actually runs the essential configuration for your website to keep your VPS safe.

More control

The lack of getting access to the root environment is the major concern when you are not using VPS or more enhanced hosting service. Without a root access, you are only relying on the software package provided by your hosting provider.

On the other hand, using an unsupported software package may raise some security concerns to you and your service provider. Therefore, VPS provides you with the practical implementation of software with regards to the customization and features.

The Added Extras

Virtual servers offer a variety of features that are useful in certain situations. Simple it may sound to you, but they are more environment-friendly than any technology. It is not only important from a popularity point of view, but also from a funding perspective.

The added compatibility goes well with the service packages for a necessary update and upgrade. These added extras not only tweak the performance of your website but also maintains the OS. IO Zoom is the biggest example in this regard.           

Disaster recovery

Data is the biggest asset to any business. It could be anywhere around from Customer Credentials to website content, uploaded images, videos, and everything that holds importance to you. Strategic back-ups are hugely recommended especially when you are an established business.

VPS in this regards offers you better recovery just in case a disaster one like that occurs. Also, it has a better recovery method as compared to the dedicated servers. It gets restarted and shifted to other modes if any information is lost.

Freedom to use any application

VPS offers full control over the computing environment and it totally in disregard to any other user using the same physical server. Since it runs utilizing its own OS, users are in complete compliance of freedom to use any application compatible with the operating system.

It matters not if it is the Linux you are using or the Windows platform, the configuration can be set to suit the preferences of your website. Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting provide you more freedom in this regard.

Scaled Resources

It is important for a business to grow without needing to go through downtime or the technical issues. You are allowed to scale or upscale your resources as per your requirements. Your resources are reserved for you alone and no other user can interfere with your resources.

If you need to upgrade the RAM for a high surge of visitors, you can add it to your resources. This can be an added boost to your website if you are dealing with high traffic. Also, it is the best way to keep up with the performance when it comes to managing huge data.

What to look out for while using VPS hosting?

Even though a VPS hosting comes at a fractional cost of the dedicated hosting, it can be little more expensive than the shared hosting. However, the features provided by the VPS service is comparatively more than that of the cost they come with.

A good VPS hosting provider offers a user a good amount of storage, RAM, and other hosting resources. For companies that offer eCommerce solutions require SSL certificate option. A few companies provide free SSL certificates in their packages and some charge for it.


Since VPS is becoming readily available to the customers, its benefits are becoming more apparent. The increasing popularity of the VPS has intrigued businesses already and they are opting this hosting solution to fulfill their hosting requirement.   

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