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How To Access Additional Working Capital For Your Small Business – Business Article

What is Working Capital? The term “working capital” refers to all assets that are currently available for covering monthly business expenses, or operational costs. Payroll, rent, supplies, vendor bills, debt payments are typically covered by working capital. In addition to keeping your business up and running, working capital is used to fund business growth. How Do I Know If I Have Enough Working Capital? To calculate your business’s working capital, simply subtract your current liabilities from your current assets. Current…

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Where To Find The Best Short Term Business Loans In 2019 – Business Article

When banks were the only source of business funding, small business owners had just a few products to choose from. There was the traditional business term loan, a business line of credit, and that was about it. Today, however, there are many more options, such as the short-term business loan. Like any other business financing program, short-term business loans have pros and cons. But depending on the requirements you are able to meet and the purpose of the funds, this…

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Three Ways To Prepare Your Small Business For A Sudden Crisis – Business Article

An unfortunate reality of owning a small business is having to prepare for the worst. This is a primary difference between businesses that succeed and those that fail. The latter group prioritized the need for security and took measures to minimize the likelihood of an industry-related crisis as much as possible. Even if such an event never occurs, knowing you are prepared takes a massive weight off your shoulders that could be seriously hindering your concentration. While there are many…

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