How to Grow Your Business to $60,000 a Month – Business Article

    I came across Gamal’s story months ago on how he was able to start his beard oil company, Fresh Heritage, and within 90 days grew his revenue to over $60,000 a month. Of course, I was impressed and had to share with you his step by step process on exactly how he was able to start and launch his business. Have you ever questioned how do people get the money to start? Should you launch a product or…

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5 Ways To Like Your Job More Than You Do Now – Women in Business Article

With these strategies you can learn to love your work more. Whoever came up with the put-down, “You’re married to your job,” clearly was deriding the lack of work/life balance. It’s not a compliment. Having no personal life to enjoy, distract or fulfill you outside of your profession is not the goal. But you can love what you do, even if it is just a little bit. Or maybe just a little bit more than you do now. According to…

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How to Be Disruptive and not Disrupted – Motivation for Tomorrow’s Innovators – Business Article

As the fortune reads, “may you live in interesting times.” It’s both a blessing and a curse as interesting implies not only arousing curiosity or catching one’s attention, but also presenting challenging and enthralling opportunities and experiences. Well, we do live in interesting times and every day, I’m studying and living through new experiences and trends to learn, unlearn and grow. But interesting times doesn’t quite describe what’s happening today nor does it properly set expectations for what’s to come.…

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Professional Website – Business Article

If you’re one of the business owners who aren’t sure they need to build a website or bother to update their current website to ensure it looks professional, you’re in for an awakening. Word of mouth and dollars spent on social media advertising simply won’t cut it in 2019. Whether you’re new to the world of small business ownership or a bit more seasoned, it’s time to recognize the value in having a website that allows you to reach your…

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Why Simple Designs Make the Best Slides for Presentations – Business Article

What are the worst mistakes you can make in a presentation? For starters, you can add too much text, choose low-quality stock images,  use inconsistent fonts and read directly from your slides. But, if you want to ace a presentation, that’s a different story.   We know its tempting to load your slides up with tons of graphics and text. But, the best presentations are the simplest ones. Here are some ways you can keep your slides simple for an…

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How real clients are using Real Time Minds – Business Article

Paul Crake is the owner and Director of Total Ability. He runs a very successful business, helping people with disabilities drive their cars independently, with his range of ‘state-of- the-art’ vehicle technologies. Total Ability is the exclusive Australian distributor for world-leading manufacturer, Fadiel Italiana. Paul is getting very serious about taking his business to the next level. He is looking to grow his team. He is significantly increasing his investment in marketing. He’s also planning for the long term – reviewing…

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