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A380: a comfortable, eerily quiet cruise ship of the skies | Business – Business Article

The first thing you noticed was the silence. Even sitting by the engines at takeoff, you didn’t need to raise your voice on the A380 superjumbo. The quiet was almost eerie. It was a monstrous double-decker so big it felt like travelling in two planes stuck on top of one other. It was a kind of cruise ship of the skies with staircases, bars and private first-class cabins, spilling out a wave passengers when it landed at airports. And yet,…

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Exposed: hidden travel agent fees send air fares sky high | Money – Business Article

Online travel agent Opodo seemed to offer the best deal when Des McGhee searched Kayak, the price comparison website, for a flight from London to Glasgow. Until he reached Opodo’s checkout page, that is. The price had more than doubled, from the £116.80 quoted for four tickets with easyJet to £242.80, with £126 of this the cost of checking in four bags at £31.50 each. It wasn’t until he received the booking confirmation from easyJet that he discovered that the…

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Brexit warnings by Airbus and Siemens cannot be ignored | Business – Business Article

Empty threats, say Brexiters of the claims made by Airbus and Siemens that plans are under way across industry to slash investment budgets and possibly close factories should the UK quit the European Union’s single market and customs union on 29 March. Worse than that, Mark Francois MP, an arch Tory Brexit campaigner, says it amounts to bullying. He said Airbus’s German boss was guilty of “Teutonic arrogance”. Yet, without a deal – one that at least keeps the UK…

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