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Gain added flexibility by downloading your Sage Intelligence reports to Excel – Business Intelligence Article

When working with Sage Intelligence, you may feel the need to make changes to your reports using functionality that isn’t included online, like adding tables, charts, trendlines, etc.  If this is you, then Sage Intelligence has you covered by allowing you to download and open your reports in Microsoft Excel, giving you access to standard Excel functionality.  You’re also provided with the Excel Design Pane—meaning that you can have your report refreshed with the latest data and make use of…

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Sage Intelligence troubleshooting tip | Sage Intelligence – Business Intelligence Article

Not grasping why your system is returning an unexpected result can be a source of great frustration. If you suspect there could potentially be an issue with Sage Intelligence, try this quick troubleshooting technique. While Sage Intelligence is loaded on your screen, press F12 on your keyboard—this will open a console at the bottom or to the right of your screen. If there is an error on the webpage, you will see…

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