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Marketing and the unintended consequences of tech – Business Article

One of the problems most companies face is the unintended consequences of technology. Of course this has always been a problem, but its especially acute today because the cost of tech is slow low and the opportunity to implement it so rapid that it can get away from us. This is the topic Tom Webster and I explore on the next episode of The Marketing Companion. We look at: How Finland is proactively involving their citizens in the AI transition…

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Big Data Analytics in Healthcare – Business Intelligence Article

Big data and data analytics are changing the way we operate in many areas across the globe, from business to government to mobile app development. The world of healthcare is no exception, as data can support the needs of the healthcare sector and improve its ability to serve and treat people. Similar to many other sectors, big data in healthcare has changed the management and analysis of data and has given us the ability to leverage the information to improve…

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How Cody Moxam Predicts AI Could Influence The Healthcare Landscape – Business Article

Artificial intelligence once seemed like something unique to science fiction, but it is actually a decades-old technology that multiple industries employ today. Recent developments in machine and deep learning have made it more effective than ever, and it’s busily integrating itself in the medical world. Biochemistry students like Cody Moxam from the University of Dallas (you can check out his home page here) are excited about the possibilities it poses—and wary of the caveats. So, what are some ways AI…

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Birst Smart Analytics: Using AI to Operationalize BI – Business Intelligence Article

How do you deliver more insights out to more people? Operationalizing BI and analytics – that is, putting the power of data in the hands of everyone across the enterprise, not just analysts and data scientists – has always been the mantra for Birst co-founder Brad Peters. According to research from Eckerson Group, when an organization deploys a BI and analytics system, roughly 10% of employees have the skills needed to produce insights from corporate data and deliver them to…

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Top 10 Analytics Trends for 2019 – Digital Business & Business Analytics – Business Article

2019 is the year that analytics technology starts delivering what users have been dreaming about for over forty years — easy, natural access to reliable business information. 1. Machine learning everywhere. We’ve reached the third great wave of analytics, after semantic-layer business intelligence platforms in the 90s and data discovery in the 2000s. Augmented analytics platforms based on cloud technology and machine learning are breaking down the longest-standing barriers to analytics success. They bring insights to users rather than forcing users…

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Facial recognition needs safeguards, says Microsoft – Business Intelligence Article

By Craig Larmer, Consulting Director at Stellar There’s been some high profile tech disruption in recent years and some of that disruption is enabled by technology moving quicker than regulation. Uber and Lyft are examples of this and Lime is another one that has been in the headlines recently. So it’s interesting to see when a tech company calls on the government to regulate a technology before it gets out of hand. This is exactly what Microsoft has done around…

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Building the Intelligent Enterprise – Digital Business & Business Analytics – Business Intelligence Article

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How AI is Lowering the Barrier to Entry for BI and Analytics – Business Intelligence Article

According to Gartner, more than 3,000 CIOs ranked Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics as the top differentiating technology for their organizations. If BI and Analytics is such a game-changer, then why is the average adoption rate in organizations only 32%? Despite the efforts of Cloud BI vendors making it easier for users to acquire, explore, and analyze data sources without IT dependency, lack of data literacy and analytic skills still hinder widespread adoption for data-driven decision making.  But the industry…

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Inside the Mind and Methodology of a Data Scientist – Business Intelligence Article

When you hear about Data Science, Big Data, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or Deep Learning, you may end up feeling a bit confused about what these terms mean. And it doesn’t help reduce the confusion when every tech vendor rebrands their products as AI. So, what do these terms really mean? What are overlaps and differences? And most importantly, what can this do for your business? The simplest answer is that these terms refer to some of the many…

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