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Using video in B2B should be simple, powerful and free – Business Article

Stuck in a rut with email.. of course you are. Most B2B companies are still lagging behind with one of the most powerful and impactful mediums around. Video. It doesn’t need to be time consuming or expensive. In fact why am I even writing this intro. Watch this…  Everyone in the B2B organisation should be able to embrace it and I am suggesting you give it a go. These 5 functions will dramatically see change through video:

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What to do if someone cheekily steals your content – Business Article

One thing that I feel very proud of is the content I write for you! It’s nice to know it’s well received and valued. So much so that I recently discovered someone had literally taken one of my most popular posts in my blog via LinkedIn and used it as their own. Definitely not kosher! The number one rule in repurposing content is acknowledging the original source, giving love and always linking back.

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