B2B Event Marketing

A detailed guide on Driving Attendance, Sponsorship & Sales at your next B2B Event – Business Article

  B2B event marketing is a vast topic, spanning from how to get people to attend events, how to get them to buy from your B2B brand when you sponsor or organise an event and how to secure sponsorship for your own B2B event. It’s a topic that interests event organisers, event marketers and B2B brand marketers in equal measure.

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28 Golden Nuggets on how to Attract, Recruit and Retain the Best Event Industry Talent – Business Article

  Recruiting is a time consuming and painful process. Recruiting outstanding event marketers and event sales professionals is even harder. Why? Because event leaders are simply using the wrong approach! I seriously think there is a disconnect between what event leaders want (or think they want) and what is available in the market. millennials are now in the job market and some of us are still trying to understand them as individuals, let alone as potential employees UK is enjoying the lowest…

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