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Women Entrepreneurs | We Are Millions Strong! (Lipsticking) – Women in Business Article

by BIG Idea Facilitator Yvonne DiVita Women Entrepreneurs – we ARE millions strong! My office is a reflection of me, as I expect your office is of you. Given my devoted attention to women entrepreneurs, especially baby boomer women, you can imagine I am surrounded by strong, inspirational things. We’ll call them things because they range from rocks, to pictures, to books. The books, as anyone who knows me intimately will attest, are the ‘things’ that are the essence of…

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Ms Independent,Confident, and Ambitious (Lipsticking) – Women in Business Article

by BIG Idea Facilitator, Yvonne DiVita For us, at Lipsticking, the concept of a confident, independent, and ambitious woman is a natural. There is little new about it. Women have shown their independence, their confidence, and their rising ambitions quite clearly from the dawn of civilization. Interestingly, society often spends too much time marketing to independent, confident, and ambitious women who are both married and mothers. It’s the ideal in the many places of the world, here on Earth.  Not…

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