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Why You Should Be WBENC Certified – Women in Business Article

Certification and membership in the The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) is a ‘must have’ for women business owners.  Being WBENC certified is a guarantee that your business is woman-owned, which helps to gain competitive advantage with those looking for supplier diversity.  Plus, you can reap additional benefits by taking your certification one step further. In this video I discuss the importance of being a certified member of WBENC and how to use your certification to your company’s advantage.    Benefits…

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Assertiveness For Women In Business – Women in Business Article

Taking a stand as a woman is always hard. We live in a culture where assertiveness of women in business is frowned upon and we are talked about in so many negative ways.  Being assertive in business is discouraged only because our culture has brought us up to accept our role as a housewife and mother. Women are spoken down to when we show assertiveness, and are called a long list of names, ranging from bossy to feminist.  However, assertiveness…

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How To Keep A Healthy Mindset In The Age Of Rage – Women in Business Article

Each time we check our newsfeeds, it’s front and center. We see and hear so much negative news that it’s enough to make one think all news is bad news, and there is nothing good to report. Negative news permeates our daily lives. This can lead us into a perpetual state of anxiety and fear. It also prevents us from accomplishing what needs to be done, even though we’ve organized our to-do lists to support the positive goals we want to…

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