Calls for regulator to ensure access to cash after bank IT failures | Business – Business Article

The government is facing calls for a new regulator to protect consumers’ access to cash, following several bank IT failures and thousands of cash machine and branch closures across the UK. The consumer group Which? said cash is still a necessity for more than 25 million people in the UK. It also noted the combined closures of cash machines and branches have left people struggling to pay for essential goods and services. The charity is campaigning for the creation of…

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Interserve’s shareholders may have to swallow the fudge | Nils Pratley | Business – Business Article

Welcome to the new era of outsourcing, Interserve shareholders. You will be wiped out, more or less, via a £480m debt-for-equity swap in which the banks take control. You won’t like it, but please don’t bother voting against the rescue. If you do, your board intends to adopt “alternative plans” to force through the financial restructuring anyway. Shareholders may think this is unfair – and the biggest investor is demanding a new board of directors – but they cannot be…

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Amazon is banking on your emotions – AllformZ – Business Intelligence Article

If you are a deal hunter like me, you’d surely love Amazon. Countless services from Amazon such as Prime – two day free shipping, Smile – donate to a charity of your choice through a portion of your purchases, Kindle, needless to mention Alexa and the list keeps extending. Banks Vs Brands However hard the banks have been trying, they are failing to provide a “brand” experience. We don’t get the same feeling of being a “one customer” whenever we…

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