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It’s Time To Go Beyond Dashboards l Sisense – Business Intelligence Article

Another year, another Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. For me, this year is a bit different as it’s my first as part of the Sisense team. In the past year that I’ve been with Sisense, I’ve watched as we’ve ensured our platform encompasses everything organizations need for instant insights, launched some of the most innovative features out in the BI market to date, and continued to tirelessly invest in our commitment to treating customers as partners.…

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Making Sense of BI Software Reviews l Sisense – Business Intelligence Article

You’ve decided you’re ready to invest in Business Intelligence (BI) software. And now it’s time to do your due diligence, start researching, and select an analytics platform that fits the comprehensive and unique business requirements of your organization. Here’s the good news: You have dozens of websites at your fingertips to fuel your business intelligence tools comparision — overflowing with reviews on features, pricing, licensing, and access to support resources—from both BI experts and real business users alike. Here’s the…

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How to Empower Healthcare Providers with Embedded Analytics l Sisense – Business Intelligence Article

21st-century trends in analytics and BI point to the growing importance of big data across industries. And with access to rapidly expanding quantities of data on patient care and physician performance stored by medical software, the healthcare industry has much to gain from the adoption of embedded analytics solutions in that software. Medical software providers, it follows, are well poised to contribute to a revolution in healthcare analytics that empowers healthcare providers, tangibly impacts the quality of patient care, and…

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How NGOs and NFPs Can Start Using Their Data Now l Sisense – Business Intelligence Article

If you keep up with trends in business (and you’re reading this so you probably do), it’s hard to ignore the movement toward organizations big and small using their data to improve every area of their business. But, as someone who has worked closely with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), I know from personal experience that even the minimal resources needed to start digging through data are not always available. And that’s a shame because NGOs and other organizations in the not-for-profit…

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How to Design Widgets for Instant Impact l Sisense – Business Intelligence Article

When it comes to creating dashboards, it can be easy to focus so much on the data that design is overlooked. As a UX Designer here at Sisense, I know the importance of taking things other than the data into account to make sure your users see an instant impact. This isn’t an easy task, though. With so many options for color, style, and layout it may be hard to tell what exactly will make an impression. That’s why I’ve…

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5 techniques to take your data analysis to another level l Sisense – Business Intelligence Article

Implementing a business intelligence suite in your organization is about more than simply collecting additional data—it’s about converting this data into actionable insights. The amount of data an organization can collect today from a variety of sources offers it the ability to see under the hood, understand which processes are working, and help teams prepare for future trends. However, without properly analyzing and comprehending the data you collect, all you have is figures and numbers with no context. More importantly,…

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From Operations to Insights: Business Analytics Meets NoSQL – Business Article

The following is an excerpt from our recent webinar: From Operations to Insights with MongoDB. You can watch the full recording here. Many people love NoSQL databases because they can throw their data into them without a care (almost) and let the NoSQL database sort out the storage. Writes and reads of “lumps” of data can be blazingly fast, making them favorite tools for many developers seeking performance for their applications. But analytics? If you’ve thrown in your data just…

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