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Avoiding the most frequent problems in BI projects – Business Intelligence Article

The chart below ranks the challenges respondents encountered when implementing their BI tools. 40 percent had no significant problems while the remainder had to deal with data migration issues, a lack of resources, unclear requirements and software-related problems. What, if any, are the most serious problems you have encountered implementing your BI product ? (n=2392) Implementation problems by best-in-class companies (n=2392) Best-in-class companies have far fewer problems during the implementation process: indeed almost two-thirds of them say they have no…

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Top Business Intelligence Trends 2019 – Business Intelligence Article

Our View on the Results The three most important trends remained the same as last year with master data and data quality management in first position, data discovery in second and self-service BI in third. While master data and data quality management builds a strong foundation for handling data, the significance attached to data discovery and self-service BI shows that the empowerment of business users is a consistently strong trend. This impression is also backed up by the newly introduced…

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