Invitations in the Video Game Industry Entrepreneurs Need to Know About – Business Article

Video games are for kids and neckbeards who stream on Twitch, right? $18.4 billion says otherwise. Today, the video game industry is where innovation is happening. It’s where millions of tech enthusiasts gather in offices and garages and tinker with code, machines, parts, etc. These guys push computing technology to its limit. What’s the benefit to entrepreneurs and business owners? Tools. Productivity tools, advertising, etc. Today we’re going to talk about the video game innovations that could change the way…

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How blockchain and hyperledger secure data – Business Article

Do you know where your data is? Are you convinced that it is safe and in trusted hands? Can your supply chain partners see the data that is critical to a smooth business process? These are the questions that you ask yourself on the way to deciding how blockchain and hyperledger technologies can deliver value to your organization. Because it’s all about data. Data is the new brick and mortar, “the new oil,” the most important asset you possess. It…

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There Is No Future In The Status Quo – – Business Article

There is no future in the status quo . . . Just ask Sears, Blockbuster, Novatel, Blackberry, Nokia, and the list goes on and on! There is no future in doing things the way we have always done them! Status quo always ends in irrelevance and obsolescence! As business leaders we need to continuously challenge ourselves and our organizations to innovate and improve. We need to shake up our industries and stop doing things because we have always done them…

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SAP Analytics – Emerging Tech and the Digital Supply Chain – Business Intelligence Article

Part 1 in the 3-part series “Digital Supply Chain for a Digital Economy“ At SAP, we define an intelligent enterprise as an organization that uses data to achieve higher value outcomes—faster and with less risk. Sounds simple enough, no? But if you aspire to become an intelligent enterprise, where do you start? Look no further than your supply chain. Supply chain processes are ripe for change—especially if you plan on surviving in the digital economy. The fact is, in a complex, globalized, digital…

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