Blue Monday

Blue Monday and employee morale: moving beyond the gimmick – Business Article

It’s back again: 21st January marks Blue Monday 2019. This infamous day gets a mixed reception when it rolls around, with some feeling concerned and others flouting it and treating it like any other day. After all, the whole idea of Blue Monday comes from a formula to define ‘the most depressing day of the year’ in order to boost sales. Even Cliff Arnal, the psychologist who devised the formula to pinpoint this gloomy day in the calendar, has vehemently…

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Blue Monday: 4 tips for staying cheerful and positive – Business Article

Monday 21st January is “Blue Monday”. According to a complicated (and somewhat dubious) formula the third Monday of January is apparently the bleakest day of the year, the one where we feel at our most gloomy and least resourceful. It’s down to a combination of post-Christmas blues, a shortage of cash after seasonal overspending, the premature failure of New Year resolutions and the colder, darker nights. Put like that, they may have a point. If your colleagues at work seem…

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