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A Morning Routine Full of Momentum With Jim Kwik – Women in Business Article

“Baby it’s a brand new dayyyy! Ain’t no clouds hangin’ over me! Something doesn’t feel the same… the rest of my life gonna start today!” Those are lyrics to the song “Good Morning” by Max Frost a.k.a my alarm clock. If you haven’t heard it yet and need a song to get you grooving first thing in the morning, I highly recommend it. 🙂 I wake up to this song each and every day, and have a few rituals in…

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Memory Tips and Techniques with Jim Kwik – Women in Business Article

“I’m so bad at remembering names.” “I’d forget my head if it wasn’t attached to my body!” “I’m sorry — where did you say you were from again?” Ah, memory. You’re such a tricky beast. Let’s be real with each other: Being scatterbrained is a side effect of entrepreneurship, and our dependence on technology.  We have a million tasks, facts, and figures running through our mind at any minute of the day. So whether we’re we’re at a networking event,…

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