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These 27 Organizational Values Are the Key to a Healthy, Effective Culture and Powerful, Valuable Brand – Women in Business Article

In a previous post, I introduced the nine brand types that all brands fall into.  I explained that in my years of experience working on a broad range of brands, I found that, although no two brands share the exact same brand identity, there are really only nine general brand types. This post is about the relationship between these brand types and the organizational values that support them. Every organization needs to align its external brand identity and internal workplace…

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Companies Need An Employee Brand Engagement Reality Check – Women in Business Article

If you expect your employees to do what they can to build your brand, then you better make sure they’re equipped with the knowledge, skills, and resources to do so.  This makes sense, but according to my employee brand engagement assessment research, most business leaders approach employee brand engagement with little more wishful thinking. In my new book, FUSION: How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies, I explain that employee brand engagement is the extent to which…

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