How Jet Budgets Fits Every Budgeting Methodology  – Business Intelligence Article

There are many ways to prepare a budget. While the final result is the same, the road to get there is usually quite different. Between different accounting strategies to budgeting tools, every company around the world has a choice in how they shape their budgeting process. What Budgeting Methodology Do You Use? After speaking with hundreds of Microsoft Dynamics customers, we uncovered the five most commonly used budgeting methodologies and techniques: Top-down budgeting Bottom-up budgeting Zero-based budgeting Hybrid budgeting No budgeting methodology Unfortunately, there is no universal budgeting tool for Microsoft Dynamics that helps manage each of these…

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The Importance of Planning and Forecasting in BI – Business Intelligence Article

The budgeting and forecasting process for most organizations is long and tedious and occurs on an annual basis, at least. Companies try to do it more often to improve accuracy and aim to ultimately implement a procedure for continuous planning or rolling forecasts. Unlike any other business process, budgeting and forecasting is unique because it is forward thinking. Business processes like accounting, inventory tracking, invoicing, shipping, etc. are based on actual events from the past and present. This is a fundamental…

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