Comprehensive Guide to Managing Independent Contractor Compliance – Business Article

The modern workforce has seen a dramatic shift away from the salaried 9-5 employee, and towards a mosaic of independent contractors engaged by enterprises for specific projects. While the gig economy is in many ways a more efficient and productive model, it’s also a less secure one. That’s not to say that engaging independent contractors is a lawless gamble, but rather that enterprises must be informed and intentional when it comes to making sure their workforce is compliant and protected.…

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7 Time Saving Tips for Working With Freelancers – Business Article

Use Your (Billable) Time Wisely There are many reasons to bring Freelancers into an organization. They can be invaluable when you need a specific type of expertise, an important project completed quickly, or simply a fresh pair of eyes on your company. However, without the right tools and processes, outsourcing can be more trouble than it’s worth. Here are some tips to streamline your onboarding and collaboration process, so neither your company – or your freelancers – are wasting valuable…

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