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How to Grow Your Business to $60,000 a Month – Business Article

    I came across Gamal’s story months ago on how he was able to start his beard oil company, Fresh Heritage, and within 90 days grew his revenue to over $60,000 a month. Of course, I was impressed and had to share with you his step by step process on exactly how he was able to start and launch his business. Have you ever questioned how do people get the money to start? Should you launch a product or…

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The lessons learned technique | The Joy of Business – Business Article

Many years ago, I was part of a lovely fast-growing tech company worth millions. Then I was fired, unemployed and wondering what on earth had happened to my life. That’s the short version. Here’s what happened next. You might find it handy next time something disastrous happens. Sitting under a tree I had lots of time on my hands since I didn’t have a job any more. So, I used to go to the Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh a lot…

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Writing Your Business Plan: Seven Essential Steps You Should Know – Business Article

If you’re planning on starting a business, you need a business plan. There’s no way around it. A good business plan will help to keep your company on track and guide it in the right direction, and it will also help you to secure funding from banks, venture capitalists and other investors. On top of that, your business plan will dictate when and why you plan to scale, what the overall goal of your company is and what success looks…

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7 essentials for the best Sales Summit ever – Business Article

It’s important to keep the employees happy who directly affect your company’s bottom line. While every department is vital to keeping your well-oiled company machine running, your Sales force deserves some careful attention. That’s why at TDS we throw a pretty mean Sales Summit for our Commercial Salesmen and women. Spectacular might be an understatement. The end result is a motivated group of high-powered, energetic sellers who know their goals and what’s expected of them in the coming year. If…

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The 2019 Checklist For Growing Businesses – Business Article

by Travis Crabtree, President and General Counsel of Swyft Filings As we welcome the new year, we consider the new year’s resolutions that we may (or may not) carry out. We explore new fitness regimens, recipes to cook, and new books to actually finish. Businesses work in a similar fashion, seeking out new tools and resources to help spur growth, drive efficiency, and increase profitability. The difference between personal and professional goals, however, is that you definitely want to carry…

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Turning Frustration into Motivation: The Lasso – Women in Business Article

Guest post:: Colleen Chinlund is the creator of the Lasso, a travel and storage jewelry device that helps prevent tangled chains and keeps rings and earrings safe while you’re on the go. Here, she talks about how a personal frustration led to her motivation behind creating Lasso. We’ve all been there: You’re running late. You’re stressed out. You just need to get out the door. And then… You reach for that perfect necklace to complete your look and it is…

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How to get better at what you do – Business Article

To get to the point where you’re sure you’re good enough to charge more money, you might need to get better at what you do. Or at least feel that you’re good enough at what you do to charge a good rate. If you’re not sure that the software you’ve developed is good enough to price at the top of the market, what do you need to do to make it better?  Are you the best yoga teacher in the…

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Business Building Basics: The Business Umbrella Statement – Women in Business Article

It happened for the umpteenth time.  I asked THE first and most important question in our conversation but got no real answer. If you don’t get this nailed down—your business simply cannot grow.  This happened during an exploratory phone conversations. Love them and hate them. Why anyone would just want to connect without a purpose is a little difficult to understand for me. Then again, I have had now a few of these conversations and some have taken exciting and…

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5 Creative Ways to Modernize Employee Training – Online Business Article

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Change for the sake of it just isn’t worth it, right? When your schedule is already overflowing and you hardly have time to think beyond the task you’re currently doing, it’s easy to adopt this thinking. But there’s one problem with this: time. Time can turn the unbroken into the obsolete. Time forces us to consider flipping that old, tired adage on its head and turn it into something much more relevant: “If…

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