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Prepare Your Exit on Day One – Business Article

Pepperjam CTO Greg Shepard recently published “Planning Your Exit Should Begin When You Launch,” in Entrepreneur magazine. In this article, Shepard puts forward a variety of thought-provoking ideas including that entrepreneurs should be thinking about partnering early on with those they believe will ultimately want to buy their business.  Thinking Ahead Much of Shepard’s thinking centers around the fact that a large percentage of start-ups end in acquisitions. In particular, he notes that in 2017, “mergers and acquisitions accounted for…

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Why Do Business Sales Fall Through? – Business Article

The Buyer 1. The buyer may not have an urgent need or a strong desire to go into business. In many cases, the buyer may begin with positive intentions, but doesn’t have the courage to make “the leap of faith” necessary to go through with the sale. 2. Some buyers, like sellers, have very unrealistic expectations regarding the price of businesses. They are also uneducated about the nature of small business in general. 3. Many buyers are not willing to…

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