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Key Factors Lenders Use to Measure Business Credit – Headway Capital – Business Article

When entrepreneurs go looking for financing, they have multiple options. For example, they could seek out an angel investor, get a credit card, pledge their future earnings, set up a Kickstarter campaign, tap into their 401(k) or ask their family members for a loan during Thanksgiving dinner. Statistics show that more than 99% of small businesses ultimately use a similar approach: debt financing. There are many advantages to this type of financing, including lower tax liability, keeping full ownership of…

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6 Steps to Repair Small Business Credit – Business Article

Business credit works differently than personal credit, but is similar in that it reflects business’ financial responsibility. There are three major business credit reporting bureaus, and the potential credit scores for these organizations ranges from one to 100 and one to 300. These bureaus receive reports from your business credit card, business loan vendors or any other type of funding (similar to a personal credit report). However, not all vendors report payment history to credit reporting bureaus, and they may…

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The 5 Cs of Credit – Business Article

Running a small business inevitably has its challenges; from cash flow to market stability, almost nothing is guaranteed. Whether starting a new venture, expanding into new areas or replacing old equipment, funding can be necessary to simply stay afloat. The good thing is that loan applications generally look for the same criteria to determine how likely a business is to repay its loans with interest. This is where the 5 Cs of credit come in. Collectively, they are reliable and…

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