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Static BI Reporting Tools Are Yesterday’s News! – Business Intelligence Article

Your Users Can Have Personalized BI Dashboards for True Flexibility! If your business users are frustrated with BI solutions that are restrictive or BI reporting tools that offer only formats and static reports chosen by others who do not know their needs, you are not alone. In an effort to streamline operations or to ensure data governance, businesses often employ methods of access to Business Intelligence that will only allow business users to see and use certain data in certain…

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Can Business Analytics Tools Work for Business Users? – Business Intelligence Article

Can Business Intelligence and Analytics Truly Work for Business Users? Business intelligence and analytics has changed drastically over the past five years. Data analysis for business is more democratic today and that is good for the organization. By extending access throughout the organization, the enterprise can provide a solid foundation for confident decision-making. Business users can have access to sophisticated business intelligence software and use business analytical tools without the advanced training of a data scientist, an analyst or an…

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Can BI Tools Help My Business to Disrupt the Market? – Business Intelligence Article

Can Business Intelligence Support Enterprise and Business User Needs? The key to analytics today is to provide the tools to every user on the team and allow them to leverage those tools in whatever way is meaningful to their role and will help them support the goals of the organization. Business users need a BI tool that can provide business intelligence reporting and let them visualize data in a way that makes sense for the data and purpose they are…

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