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Sage Intelligence troubleshooting tip | Sage Intelligence – Business Intelligence Article

Not grasping why your system is returning an unexpected result can be a source of great frustration. If you suspect there could potentially be an issue with Sage Intelligence, try this quick troubleshooting technique. While Sage Intelligence is loaded on your screen, press F12 on your keyboard—this will open a console at the bottom or to the right of your screen. If there is an error on the webpage, you will see…

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Get a dynamic view of your top customers with the Top Customers Analysis report – Business Intelligence Article

This report gives you a dynamic view of your top 5, 10, 15 and 20 customers—depending on your requirements. The first dashboard you’ll notice is a map chart, which opens up after you’ve entered your required from and to date. This map chart highlights the amount of Sales per Customer by Location. The size of the bubble indicates the amount of sales—meaning that you’ll be hoping to see a few large circles on this map! More information on the specific tiles and pieces of…

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