Business Intelligence to Inspire Us All – InfoSol Blog – Business Intelligence Article

As I look back on 2018 and all the amazing BI solutions I saw created, there was one that really stood out in terms of its impact on the world that left me both awestruck and humbled. It was a solution created for the International Humanitarian City (IHC) based in Dubai, UAE that provides international relief for human disasters around the world. I had the privilege to tour their facilities last November and it is a vast expanse of warehouses…

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Merging on Variables in Web Intelligence – InfoSol Blog – Business Intelligence Article

One of the often overlooked additions given to us in the 4.2 SP3 release was the ability to merge data on variables, not just dimensions.  For many years we have lived with these restrictions in Web Intelligence: 1.) You could only merge on dimensions, not on variables. 2.) The data format between the two data sets had to match – for example, February 7 2019 would not merge with a 2/7/2019 and Joe Smith would not merge with JOE SMITH.…

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How to pick up User Token or ID from HTTP Headers for use in a Dashboard – InfoSol Blog – Business Intelligence Article

Tip: How to pick up User Token or ID from HTTP Headers for use in a Dashboard. Trick: Use InfoBurst to inject the value into the dashboard. Figuring out security in your dashboards can often be one of the more difficult pieces to solve. Often times, we’re able to make use of InfoBurst users, Windows NT users, or even a manual login. In some cases though, a company might have their own portal security in place that they would like…

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Let’s Speak BO Together– Highlights of 2018 – InfoSol Blog – Business Intelligence Article

The Let’s Speak BO Webinar series that began in the winter of 2015 just recently concluded its third straight year of bi-weekly Business Intelligence Webinars with a fantastic close. Adam Lange, with A. Lange Consulting, lead a jam packed session dedicated to all of the new things our BusinessObjects community can expect when upgrading to BI 4.2 SP6. From Administrative enhancements to reporting feature releases, our SpeakBO listeners received a wealth of information to consider with their BusinessObjects investment moving…

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How to Skip Dataflows for Testing or Restarting a Job for Recovery – InfoSol Blog – Business Intelligence Article

Tyler Koitka December 3, 2018 Business Intelligence, BusinessObjects, Highlights, InfoSol, Products, SAP Business Objects, Tech Tips 513 Views Tip: How to Skip Dataflows for Testing or Restarting a Job for Recovery Trick: Use Bypass One of the greatest features of SAP Data Services is the ability to divert dataflows/workflows in a large workflow or job with multiple steps. This becomes very important when performing system testing or an even more critical situation- recovering an overnight job from failure! There is…

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The Dashboard Salsa Dance – InfoSol Blog – Business Intelligence Article

On a recent vacation in Mexico, I attended a class to learn how to dance salsa. Now, I have two left feet when it comes to learning any structured dances. I can do the count in my head and I can do the steps with my feet, but I can never get them synchronized which usually results in either stepping on my partner’s feet or freezing in fear of stepping on my partner’s feet! The instructor taught the basic salsa…

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How to Document IDT Universe Information – InfoSol Blog – Business Intelligence Article

Minith Patel is an Enterprise Architect with InfoSol Inc. He is experienced in all phases of the creation, installation, optimization and deployment of Business Intelligence, Enterprise Performance Management and Data Warehouse applications. His passion for building data-driven solutions has allowed him to successfully work on many global design, implementation and development projects. This self-proclaimed Japanophile is also well versed in all things BusinessObjects and excels at programming, analysis, project management, client/customer relationship management, system integration, data warehousing and enterprise architecture.…

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The BusinessObjects Upgrade Dilemma – InfoSol Blog – Business Intelligence Article

Buying a car has always been a challenging experience for me. I never know what to buy, when to buy, what features to include, and I definitely don’t enjoy the inevitable frustrating bartering with the sales and finance people. I also still haven’t figured out why I always end up with this invisible ZakTek protection coat despite stating right up front that I don’t want it. In fact, my last vehicle also had something called the “invisible bra” in addition…

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SAP Analytics – SAP Analytics Fall 2018 Innovation Update—Join the #askSAP Community Call – Business Intelligence Article

It’s hard to believe that in just three short months it will be 2019. It’s been quite a journey this year for BI and analytics with our customers, our teams, and our products. This journey has taken us from ‘governed BI’ to ‘modern and agile BI with data discovery,’ to the acceptance of cloud analytics and now emergent ‘smart BI’ using AI and machine learning to provide natural language interfaces. Having been part of the BI and analytics team at…

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