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Will We Ever Have the Hard Conversations About Casual Racism? – Women in Business Article

By Nicki Gilmour It is Black History Month. Beyond the celebration of African heritage, it is also a time to have the hard conversations. Hard conversations around race, ethnicity, racist behaviors and what makes someone or something racist are uncomfortable for many people and it takes bravery, an open and developed mind and good intentions to embark on them. If you are a white person you have to face that you might have some white privilege going on, and it…

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Experience Business and Personal Success in 2019 with a “Legacy-Driven” Mindset – Women in Business Article

Making an impact will be just as important as making an income is central to adopting a “Legacy-Driven mindset” and that becomes crucial to long-term success in both our business and personal lives. In watching how people navigate the landscape of their business and personal lives, I believe that women have a better sense of how to adopt and implement this way of life because women always seem to be in charge of balancing the life and work dance—and like…

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An Updated Look at Risk Taking for Professional Women – Women in Business Article

A new report by KPMG for 2019 called “Risk, Resilience, Reward- Mastering the 3 Rs: The Key to Women’s Success in the Workplace” suggests that women are still cautious when it comes to risk taking in their careers with 69% of report respondents saying they are are open to taking small risks to further their career, but a lower number (43%) revealing that they are open to taking bigger risks that may be associated with career advancement. Just 8 percent…

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4 Tips On Time Management for People Pursuing Online MBAs – Wonen in Business Article

Obtaining an MBA can expand your earning potential and career opportunities exponentially. Unfortunately, not all aspiring MBA recipients have the bandwidth to juggle jobs, family obligations and other everyday responsibilities with taking part in the MBA programs offered by traditional colleges and universities. Luckily for interested parties held back by schedule constraints, it’s now possible to earn an accredited MBA from the comfort of home – and on your time. However, while online MBA programs are typically easier on one’s…

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7 Ways to Counter Down Sides of Gig Economy – Wonen in Business Article

Remote work in the gig economy has its downsides. Freelance or contract workers are a growing portion of the economy. But working from home, connecting only remotely to your organization, team or management, may not be the blissful utopia everyone imagines. It’s not a big party in your PJs every day. On the beach. “Last year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 55 million people in the U.S. are gig workers, which is more than 35 percent of the U.S. workforce.…

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Visa’s CMO and CCO Lynne Biggar never, ever checks a bag│Professional WOMAN’s Magazine – Wonen in Business Article

CNN Digital has more women in leadership and on staff than ever, and their perspective is changing video storytelling. “The best ideas come from people who don’t think like everybody else,” says Wendy Brundige, vice president of global video for CNN Digital. “So, it’s been really important to me to build a team of people who represent different kinds of backgrounds, who’ve had different kinds of experiences.” It’s a sentiment echoed by four other women in leadership at the network…

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