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Visa’s CMO and CCO Lynne Biggar never, ever checks a bag│Professional WOMAN’s Magazine – Wonen in Business Article

CNN Digital has more women in leadership and on staff than ever, and their perspective is changing video storytelling. “The best ideas come from people who don’t think like everybody else,” says Wendy Brundige, vice president of global video for CNN Digital. “So, it’s been really important to me to build a team of people who represent different kinds of backgrounds, who’ve had different kinds of experiences.” It’s a sentiment echoed by four other women in leadership at the network…

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Is Working Too Hard Bad For Your Career? – Wonen in Business Article

I’m working too hard. What about you? Many of us carry the belief that hard work always pays off, but new studies on the effects of long working hours on productivity say that the opposite is actually true. A recent article on The Business Journals – seen here – talks about what really happens when you work too hard. We’ve all heard the advice that you need determination to succeed. “Never give up,” they say. “You’ve got to put in the hours,”…

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