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My journey to success – Women in Business Article

Looking back over my childhood I remember that I started my very first business venture already as a child – a kids’ club for the children in my neighbourhood – I guess the desire to start a successful club ran through me even at a young age! Back then my dream was to be an actress, but following a brief (and absolutely terrible) foray into the world of acting, I realised that what I really wanted was to achieve something…

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Get one step closer to your dreams, every single day. – Women in Business Article

When you’re just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey, you’re all fired up with dreams and ideas buzzing around your head of where you could get to and everything you could achieve. Fast forward a few months down the line, and so many aspiring entrepreneurs seem to lose sight of what that big vision was and the drive begins to die out. So often this is because many of us fail to address a fundamental practice of being a successful…

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