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4 things you need to create a winning PR strategy – Business Article

Whether you’re looking to promote your business, services, product or perhaps an event, a public revelations strategy is imperative. A strong PR strategy is an effective and efficient way to create a relationship with the people who are essential in the success of your business. To create a winning PR strategy, it’s important to know the basics. Here are the 4 things every great PR strategy needs. 1. Determine your goals Knowing your goals will give your PR strategy direction…

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Build a strong reputation from scratch like a PR pro these 4 tips – Business Article

One of the most precious assets you have as a professional is your reputation. You may be kicking your career goals, fantastic at your job, or successfully building a profitable business, but do the people who matter know? Having a good reputation is your golden ticket to limitless opportunities. Growing your network is not just being known by more people, but more so the right people. Building a strong reputation doesn’t happen overnight. Your reputation requires constant nurturing in order…

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How to create engaging content for your blog – Business Article

Regularly coming up with interesting topics for your blog can be challenging, especially trying to figure out what would be interesting for your audience. As a business leader and entrepreneur, blogs are a prominent tool to position yourself as a thought leader and an expert in a particular field. But when you start scratching your head thinking about the next topic to write, it can be frustrating. Here are some tips to think about when creating engaging content for your…

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Local media is something you shouldn’t overlook in your PR strategy – Business Article

Pitching a story idea to the “biggest” and “best” publication is something many people focus on when trying to gain media coverage. However, what is usually forgotten is the local media and that a lot of their audience is most likely in the local vicinity. Building a strong local voice is a vital step in building your image on a larger scale. So how do you pitch to local media? Customised pitch It’s important that the story you’re pitching to…

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Everything you need to know when writing a media release – Business Article

A media release is one of the most effective way to get your story across to the media. It can  enable you to create wide spread media coverage, enhance your brand/company’s reputation and/or manage a crisis. Therefore, it is vital that your media releases are accurate, detailed and concise to suit the needs of the busy journalist. Yes, they are always busy. It is important that you include all the information of your story in a detailed, orderly manner that gives…

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