Take The Lead » Fighting For Female Vets: Founder Models Strength, Courage – Women in Business Article

Jas Boothe, founder of A Final Salute, is on a mission to help female homeless vets. Jas Boothe says she owes her winning attitude of bravery and strength to the military. And her mission to help female veterans was born of her  own experience. A veteran with more than 17 years of service, Boothe is founder and president of A Final Salute, a nonprofit serving more than 5,000 homeless female veterans and their families in 30 states since 2010. She…

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How to Be Disruptive and not Disrupted – Motivation for Tomorrow’s Innovators – Business Article

As the fortune reads, “may you live in interesting times.” It’s both a blessing and a curse as interesting implies not only arousing curiosity or catching one’s attention, but also presenting challenging and enthralling opportunities and experiences. Well, we do live in interesting times and every day, I’m studying and living through new experiences and trends to learn, unlearn and grow. But interesting times doesn’t quite describe what’s happening today nor does it properly set expectations for what’s to come.…

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Building Culture That Works With Purpose – Women in Business Article

Gen Zers want equality, fairness and fluidity at work. A new film exploring GenZers across the globe, “The Future is Fluid,” premiered at Sundance recently, and it has many thinking what is in store for all of us working with this generation of workers, post-Millennials, born after 1995. Turns out they want more and less at the same time. So how can you best create a work culture as a leader to accommodate the fresh energy and ideas of this…

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Change Is A Human Act – Business Article

We mistakenly believe that changemaking and persuasion are only about getting someone’s attention by creating awareness of an issue or option, and then presenting people with rational arguments that will convince them to make choices we find desirable. But both the science and what we witness in the world around us prove otherwise. Research in the fields of psychology and behavioural sciences demonstrates that people make irrational decisions all the time. We are not driven only by reason and logic.…

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The One Thing That Never Changes Is That Everything Always Changes! – – Business Article

It has been said many times that the only “constant” in life is change. And, change is underway for me and Thinking Business! I have recently accepted a senior role with a growth minded, multinational business. Because of this, I expect to be extremely busy over the next little while. Although I plan to continue to share tools, ideas, concepts, and posts, the sharing will be less frequent. It would be great if you would continue to leverage the articles, tools,…

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There Is No Future In The Status Quo – – Business Article

There is no future in the status quo . . . Just ask Sears, Blockbuster, Novatel, Blackberry, Nokia, and the list goes on and on! There is no future in doing things the way we have always done them! Status quo always ends in irrelevance and obsolescence! As business leaders we need to continuously challenge ourselves and our organizations to innovate and improve. We need to shake up our industries and stop doing things because we have always done them…

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