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Hadoop and data lakes require further examination – Business Intelligence Article

After the hype comes disillusionment and the growing realization that Hadoop and data lakes do not provide the answer for all analytic tasks. However, that is not to say the technology and concept do not have great potential. There is still a need to further explore this area and make the best practices and benefits of Hadoop and data lakes more transparent and tangible based on real experiences. This still appears to be one of the greatest challenges in the…

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Security and legal issues are the biggest barriers to cloud BI for large & mid-size companies – Business Intelligence Article

Security and legal issues are the biggest barriers to cloud BI for large and mid-size companies Security and legal issues are the biggest challenges for large and mid-size organizations implementing cloud BI since they face more regulatory and investor scrutiny than smaller companies. The biggest challenges for small companies are security and politics. Challenges when implementing cloud BI, by company size (n=163) Companies that have not yet implemented cloud BI cite security and legal issues as the top reasons for holding out, especially large companies and mid-size…

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