Not enough babies? Not enough state support for families | Business – Business Article

When a baby is conceived there are usually three parties involved, and one of them is the government. Without financial and other kinds of support from the state, people are more reluctant to have children, according to official statistics. It’s a phenomenon seen across the developed world since the 1990s, when direct state intervention appears to have taken over from a more general sense of economic wellbeing as the main driver of procreation. In the UK, the birth rate clearly…

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Mars pulls M&M’s slot-machine game after MPs’ concerns | Society – Business Article

The confectionery giant Mars has bowed to pressure to remove a product that dispenses M&M’s in the style of a slot-machine game, after MPs and an academic said it risked normalising gambling for children. The product, on display in the M&M’s World store in London’s Leicester Square, works like a one-armed bandit gambling machine, where users pull on a lever to make three reels spin. If the pictures on the reels match one another the machine, on sale for £33,…

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