Communicating with clients: 5 tactics for success – Online Business Article

Talking it out When working with a client, there is nothing more important than communication. Everything about the work must be communicated, from you to the client, or the client to you. Effectively communicating with clients leads to great projects and great results. Poor communication leads to poor outcomes and frustration. Take a moment and think about the last time you were frustrated with someone. Was a part of that frustration related to missed communication? Is there a way you…

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5 international business practices to adopt in America – Business Article

Inspiration from overseas The world is a big place breeding infinite cultures and ways of life. This leads to different business customs in and out of the office. Business etiquette varies across borders. What seems normal in one country might seem crazy in another. However, there are some international business practices that American small businesses should consider adopting. It might help set you apart from the competition. 5 international business practices Here are five business practices from around the world…

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