Building Culture That Works With Purpose – Women in Business Article

Gen Zers want equality, fairness and fluidity at work. A new film exploring GenZers across the globe, “The Future is Fluid,” premiered at Sundance recently, and it has many thinking what is in store for all of us working with this generation of workers, post-Millennials, born after 1995. Turns out they want more and less at the same time. So how can you best create a work culture as a leader to accommodate the fresh energy and ideas of this…

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7 Tips For Networking While Traveling – Women in Business Article

Networking opportunities can land anywhere. You never know where or when your next collaboration may appear. If you are traveling for work, or even if you are in your home city attending a conference or a large event, being ready to talk about the work you do and opportunities you are looking for may result in options that did not exist before. I have met people who became clients in airports. I have randomly been seated next to someone at…

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How the Rules of Improv Can Improve Your Culture and Business – Business Article

Fear. It can control any situation, including situations in the workplace. Fear of making mistakes, fear of criticism, fear of losing credibility to your peers and superiors, fear of feeling unprepared…. these all inhibit creativity and prevent what Dallan Guzinski calls “psychological safety,” a feeling of safety allowing individuals to be comfortable  contributing ideas and feedback. Based on his experience working as Director of Culture and Engagement at The National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO), Dallan introduces ways to build trust among your team and and…

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Take The Lead » How to Be Gender Bilingual – Women in Business Article

Issue 82 — January 27, 2019 The man in airline club sat down across table from me and spread out his computer and various other electronics all across the width of the three chairs on that side of the table. I was working away on my computer using only the space intended by the chair where I was sitting. He did not say “hello” or ask me if I was interested in talking with him. Instead, he opined, “You are working too hard.” He continued…

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The One Thing That Never Changes Is That Everything Always Changes! – – Business Article

It has been said many times that the only “constant” in life is change. And, change is underway for me and Thinking Business! I have recently accepted a senior role with a growth minded, multinational business. Because of this, I expect to be extremely busy over the next little while. Although I plan to continue to share tools, ideas, concepts, and posts, the sharing will be less frequent. It would be great if you would continue to leverage the articles, tools,…

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