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Newegg has a decent discount on 16GB of RGB DDR4 RAM right now

We don’t cover RAM often in our deal posts, because RAM prices are ridiculous. However, since costs aren’t likely to improve for at least another year, the few reasonable discounts that crop up are worth mentioning—like Newegg’s current sale on a G.Skill TridentZ RGB 16GB DDR4/3200 RAM kit. Right now, you can grab it for $210 when you use promo code EMCPEPU22 at checkout. This price is about $40 cheaper than you’ll find elsewhere and lasts for another four days. However, the…

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PCMag to Live Stream Dell’s CES 2018 Press Conference

PCMag will exclusively stream Dell’s CES 2018 press conference live from Las Vegas on Tuesday, Jan. 9 at 10 a.m PST. PCMag is teaming with Dell for an exclusive streaming partnership that will see us broadcast the CES 2018 Dell Experience press conference live from Las Vegas on our Facebook page on Tuesday, Jan. 9 at 10 a.m. PST. During the event, Dell will make new product announcements and outline its plans for future innovation, with a number of guest…

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CES 2018: The biggest news and hottest products we expect at the show

CES opens in Las Vegas next week, and you know what that means. If it fits into a PC or your pocket; if it sits on a console or kitchen counter; if it beeps, buzzes, or talks; and if it’s artificially intelligent or at least somewhat smart; it will be there, somewhere, in a great river of technology flowing through the hotels and convention centers along the Strip. We will be there, too, and we’ve already pinpointed some intriguing technologies…

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Blade’s Shadow cloud PC service reinvents cloud gaming one more time

OnLive, LiquidSky, and now Blade’s Shadow: A short line of startups has tried to eliminate the need for a local PC and put games on a remote, powerful server. Now Blade is expanding from France into the United States—but taking it slowly. Blade will begin taking early signups for the Shadow service Thursday, providing each customer with their own virtual server running on the Blade’s Palo Alto, California-based campus. For the price—a rather eye-popping $34.95 per month, minimum—users will receive…

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Logitech’s popular MX Master 2S mouse is 20% off right now

Amazon’s kicking off the year with its first sale price on a popular mouse: the Logitech MX Master 2S. Currently this model is $80, or 20 percent off its normal $99 MSRP. Note that Amazon is out of stock of the mouse until Sunday, but you can still order it right now for the sale price. What makes this mouse so popular is that it packs so many great features into a single device. For starters, the MX Master 2S…

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Raspberry Pi: Projects, prices, specs, FAQ, software, and more

The Raspberry Pi craze is a little over five years old, and it shows no sign of stopping. What began as a stripped-down, uber-cheap, credit-card sized PC meant to teach programming to children has morphed into a vehicle for innovation and ingenuity. You’ll find all kinds of wild Raspberry Pi projects online, from electric skateboards to endless remote-control devices and home automation hacks like magic mirrors. Many people also use the Raspberry Pi in more down-to-earth ways, such as a home…

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Intel’s chip with AMD will use Radeon Vega graphics cores

Intel India kicked off the new year by (accidentally?) posting finer details about the hotly anticipated Intel CPU with AMD Radeon graphics launching later this quarter, officially dubbed the Intel Core i7-8809G. Those details seemingly confirm one rumor about the processor—and dispels another. Most notable: The chip will use AMD’s high-end Radeon Vega graphics cores, rather than the “Polaris” GPU found in mainstream graphics cards such as the Radeon RX 580. That’s no surprise considering the processor’s use of HBM2…

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11 Celebs Who Tried to Sell You PCs in the 1980s

What do Shatner, Alda, and Asimov have in common? Old computers, of course. PCMag reviews products independently, but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Terms of use. The 1980s were a particularly challenging decade for PC makers to promote their latest machines. In a time before the great Wintel consolidation, literally dozens of incompatible home computer platforms competed for the consumer dollar. Each one needed to carve out its own distinct identity in the consumer…

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Microsoft 2017 in review: Wins, fails, and WTF moments

Microsoft’s 2017 may as well be known as the year the company turned away from the consumer and, sadly, back toward the enterprise.  This past year was notable for two casualties: Microsoft’s phone business finally died, as did Groove Music, the music subscription service that Microsoft abandoned in favor of Spotify. In fact, you could argue that Microsoft’s software and services didn’t succeed nearly as well as its hardware, where a new generation of Surfaces and Xbox One consoles were…

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Best Raspberry Pi 3 kits for beginners and experienced makers

The Raspberry Pi is an incredibly flexible little computer. You can use it for a wide range of projects ranging from the pragmatic to the innovative to the nostalgic—the same hardware can power a retro gaming setup as readily as an ad-blocking server. But if you’ve never handled a circuit board in your life, getting started with a Raspberry Pi may seem intimidating. Well, fear not: There are special kits out there that make it easy for you to get…

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The 12 biggest hacks, breaches, and security threats of 2017

Security issues took a turn for the serious in 2017. This time around we still suffered the password breaches, malware annoyances, and stolen credit card numbers that have become commonplace in recent years. But the headlines were dominated by more sobering issues. We saw foreign adversaries trying to infiltrate critical infrastructure; major U.S. government hacking tools exposed; a major breach that called into question the use of social security numbers as identification; the U.S. government turning negative towards online user…

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Best Raspberry Pi 3 cases for your mini PC

You don’t have to buy a case for a Raspberry Pi 3, but doing so makes the experience that much nicer. That’s particularly so if you plan to use your Pi as a home-theater PC or even a secondary desktop. A whole sea of options exist out there, though, ranging from simple acrylic cases to elaborately carved wood shells. So we dug into the mix to find the best of the bunch at different prices—and came up with a selection that…

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A Ryzen-based HP Envy x360 is $575 right now

Today Best Buy has a great deal on a Ryzen-loaded convertible laptop. The big box retailer is currently selling the HP Envy x360 for $575. Not only is this price $175 off the MSRP, it’s an all-time low. (Not a fan of Best Buy? You can snag this sale price through HP’s website, too, with the option to pay for component upgrades. Shipping is free.) This particular Envy x360 has a quad-core AMD Ryzen 5 2500U processor with Radeon Vega 8 integrated…

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Windows 10 Users Can Now Stream Netflix in HDR | News & Opinion

The video-streaming service on Wednesday announced it now supports HDR on Windows 10 for both the Edge browser and the Netflix app that’s available from the Windows store. Good news, Windows 10 users: with the correct hardware, you can now stream Netflix in HDR. The video-streaming service on Wednesday announced it now supports HDR on Windows 10 for both the Edge browser and the Netflix app that’s available from the Windows App Store. “With HDR enabled, fans can immerse themselves…

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Best hardware of 2017: PCWorld names the top products of the year

Our picks for the best hardware of 2017 didn’t come easy. Our winners survived a gauntlet of testing by the PCWorld staff, and we’re confident these are the very best products you can buy in each category. In compiling this list, we looked at design, performance, ease of use, and even bang for the buck. The winners also needed to pack fairly advanced components, so you won’t regret purchasing one of the products a year from now. As we worked…

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