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How a Beautiful Mess Became a Beautifully Diverse Business Empire – with Emma and Trey – Business Article

Emma Chapman: You should tell him. We just hit a milestone early today. Trey George: Oh yeah. Literally. Pat Flynn: What’s the milestone? Trey: We just hit 10 million installs on A Color Story. Pat: Are you serious, 10 million? Trey: Yeah, today. Pat: 10 million installs. Emma: Today. So we’re going to go get lunch after this. Pat: Oh my gosh, congratulations. I have so many questions about this. Trey: Thank you very much. Pat: First of all, that’s…

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How to Build a Successful YouTube Channel in 2019—with Derral Eves – Business Article

Derral Eves: Yeah, I would never rely on one platform because the platforms can change, policies can change, and you’d be trying to scramble to do something next and so . . . Pat Flynn: You’re listening to Derral Eves. He is a YouTube and branding expert, somebody who a lot of people look up to in the YouTube space. He’s actually also the founder of one of my favorite events that I have ever attended, which is called VidSummit,…

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The Origin of FlynnCON1 and What I’ve Learned So Far Creating My First Conference – Business Article

Step behind the scenes of of FlynnCON1: Why I’m doing it, what to expect, and the top five lessons I’ve learned on the journey! Pat Flynn January 21, 2019 For the last six months I’ve been working with Team SPI to create an amazing and unique event experience for people who want to press start (or restart) on their vision for their future. That experience is FlynnCON1—and it happens in my hometown of sunny San Diego this July 26–28. Today,…

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