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Predictions for Social Media 2019 | Web Design | Indianapolis – Business Article

New year, new social media trends. Last year’s privacy issues on social media as well as a younger generation coming of age have set the stage for what I think encapsulates most of the trends I see coming for 2019: authenticity. What does that mean? Read on.  Brands Will Need to Build Trust Coming off of 2018, which was by all accounts a very bad year for trusting social media, brands are going to have to do some work to…

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Social Media Customer Service | Small Business – Business Article

In the last ten years, social media has dramatically changed how small businesses operate. On the one hand, social media has been a tremendous gift to small business owners. With it, they can reach a wide audience for a fraction of what it cost a decade ago. It is easy to build and establish connections with loyal fans. It is easy to answer questions, publicize events and new products, and get feedback in real time. On the other hand, it often makes…

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