How to embrace digital technology in healthcare — and remain HIPAA compliant – Online Business Article

Making healthy connections Today, if you want to engage your patients, you must embrace digital technology in healthcare. A 2018 survey from Accenture suggests that not only are most patients plugged in, but that their numbers are increasing. In the research, 75 percent of U.S. consumers surveyed said technology is crucial to managing health. Patients are using wearable technologies to track health outcomes and accessing self-service online portals for scheduling and education. Deloitte says these tools improve patient engagement, which…

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Need Inspiration? Get Outdoors by @relaxedmale – Women in Business Article

by Bryan Goodwin | Featured Contributor  Well look at that, midweek and your get up and go and has gotten up and left. You are not feeling the drive. That blank Word Document hasn’t sparked any joy and you are ready to scream. You are needing some serious help. How do I know? Well, you are reading this post right now. We all drift into the inspirational doldrums from time to time. It happens. How you get out of the…

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Local media is something you shouldn’t overlook in your PR strategy – Business Article

Pitching a story idea to the “biggest” and “best” publication is something many people focus on when trying to gain media coverage. However, what is usually forgotten is the local media and that a lot of their audience is most likely in the local vicinity. Building a strong local voice is a vital step in building your image on a larger scale. So how do you pitch to local media? Customised pitch It’s important that the story you’re pitching to…

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3 Common Website Fails and How to Avoid Them – Online Business Article

Millions of websites fill the Internet, but many of them provide just “so-so” experiences. Even some of the biggest websites could be better. Of course, unlike them, you probably don’t pump millions into advertising and brand development so everyone knows your company name, regardless of how bad your site experience is, right? That means you have to be smart, provide something better than the other guys, and avoid some common mistakes if you want to see your site (and business)…

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