If I Were Selling Real Estate Today – Business Article

The world of real estate has become a lot more software driven in recent years. Sure, ultimately, a buyer interacts with a person, but with the number of real estate apps out there, a lot of up front work happens before a real estate professional is contacted. That’s not necessarily bad, but for a lot of Realtors (and other professionals in other industries for that matter), a personable connection with a buyer matters immensely as well. If I Were Selling…

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Here Are The Two Types of Videos to Post – Business Article

We create videos with the goal of educating and entertaining people. Beyond that, we are all at the mercy of various algorithms in play on the platforms where we hope to share our ideas. In both cases, there are two types of videos that get attention. The Two Types of Video to Post Brief – Less than 3 minutes, maybe even less than 1. Long – Ten minutes or more. We either want the snack or the meal. It doesn’t…

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My Simple Live Video Setup for Mac – Business Article

In 2019, I intend to deliver quite a lot of video as part of my media making. This includes live video on YouTube as well as uploaded videos to other content platforms. If you want my simple live video setup for Mac, here’s what I’m using. (By the way, the only part that is Mac specific is the actual video making software.) My Simple Live Video Setup for Mac Software – I’m using Ecamm Live. I love this software because…

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The Fastest Way to Write Better Blog Posts Today – Business Article

I can tell you how to write better blog posts immediately. Ready? Start with the most important stuff first. That’s it. Start where you’re going to end. Start with the guts of what you’re covering. All of that. Up front. Start there. I could end the post already. I just told you what you needed to know. But I’ll elaborate. The Fastest Way to Write Better Blog Posts Today Dear humans of earth: your readers are busy. They pick and…

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