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How to Use Customer Journey Mapping to Transform Frustration Into Conversion – Business Article

One of the biggest problems faced by businesses and brands is that they see their product from their own perspective; they’re too obsessed with the bells-and-whistles of the backend, and neglect to consider customer experience. Customer Journey Mapping is fundamentally designed to address that – to give companies the ability to get a customer’s eye view of the user experience and to heed off problems as a result. This has two main benefits for business: Tailoring your UX more for…

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How Your eCommerce Site Load Speed Impacts CRO – Online Business Article

Like Dr. Frankenstein, we tend to overlook flaws in our own creations. So, if you suspect your eCommerce website is a bit slow, it’s probably seriously under-performing. That’s okay because there are plenty of options to fix the problem—and a serious problem it is. Here are some eye-opening stats about site load speed: These stats read like the slow death of an under-performing eCommerce site. Customers are impatient and have high expectations. When those expectations aren’t met, they leave and…

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Connecting the Dots: SEO, PPC, Social & Email – Business Article

Ever wonder how certain digital marketing tactics impact each other? And how you can mix them together for maximum results? For example, how does advertising in Google Ads impact your search engine rankings?  Or how about the reverse — how does SEO impact Google Ads campaigns?  And how does social media marketing impact email marketing? Or are these tactics mutually exclusive so they have zero impact on each other? The short answer is no, they are not mutually exclusive tactics.  In fact, they all impact each…

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