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ModPageSpeed Installation & Configuration for cPanel / WHM – Online Business Article

A few years ago, Google released a module for Apache. This module rewrote web pages according to standard best practices. We all know the importance of caching and combining files to reduce requests. But a lot of other tweaks can be done to improve load times. Inlining above-the-fold content CSS, progressive display of images, browser expiry headers etc. All of these play a role in your website’s loading speed. You can implement all or most of these improvements by modifying…

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How to Create a Self Hosted CDN With WordPress – Online Business Article

By using a Content Delivery Network service (also known as a CDN), you can greatly improve the loading time of your website by distributing images, CSS and Javascript files across a network of servers. However, if you are on a budget and can’t afford a commercial CDN service, you can always simulate one by creating a subdomain and hosting it on the same server as your website. Even though this sort of defeats the purpose of a CDN, it will…

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